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Would your company benefit from a Genus Treasury Review? It depends on the situation.

Managing the banking/treasury interface is an arcane specialty. Although there are significant dollars involved, the subject only gets passing mention in business administration or professional accounting programs. Financial executives with reputations as authorities in the area are few and far between. Most CFO’s openly acknowledge that, in this particular area, they are anything but experts. It’s a field where you learn by doing.


Managing the banking/treasury interface is also not a priority in most companies. Again and again, Genus Financial Corporation talks to financial executives who believe that, if you’re looking for cost savings, distant fields are greener. Again and again, we show them the potential of opportunities in their own back yard. These opportunities lie dormant because there’s neither the in-house expertise nor resources to identify and qualify them.

Genus provides the needed expertise and resources. Genus Treasury Reviews are performed by specialists who have “been there, done that” treasury experience with Canadian Top 1000 companies. They have the knowledge and experience that delivers results.

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The Benefits of Treasury Review

"Fine tune your treasury functions adding significant dollars with no risk"

Corporate Resource

Genus Financial is a corporate resource that fills the gaps created by corporate downsizing, providing expertise in a detailed area of finance.

Banking Opportunities

There's no accounting system that's identifies missed banking opportunities to diminish the Company’s cost of debt

Jack Ostroff’s review identified a number of areas where immediate savings could be made. Even where additional savings could not be found, it was reassuring to have Jack Ostroff’s independent confirmation that all was well.

Scott’s Hospitality Inc.
John G. Burness
Assistant Treasurer